Bogdan Cazacu
Bogdan Cazacu

Bogdan Cazacu

Owner at SecretChip Consulting

Bogdan Cazacu is a paranoid systems administrator with an experience of more than 10 years designing and maintaining  networks, ranging from remote office networks to large and complex enterprise networks, server landscapes ranging from single server implementations to complex scenarios running among hundreds of datacenters. For the past 6 years he's been focusing on cyber security and is specializing in social engineering. He’s so passionate about security that he’s working actively to help small businesses stay clear of the dangers that the internet has to offer by running small scale SOC related services for them. CEO of a small company focused on providing complete cybersecurity services to SOHO's and medium sized companies that have a hard time keeping their infrastructure and personnel secure from today's cybersecurity gauntlet via red team/blue team engagements as well as black box security audits and cybersecurity trainings.

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