MayDay.conf is inviting security professionals who want to share and promote their research results or any interesting ideas which can be considered added value in the cyber field to submit their speaking proposal. MayDay.conf is an international deep-knowledge technical conference which is doing its best to make it an annual must attend event in the calendars of security researchers and professionals around the world. You can take the advantage to be one of the first speakers who are contributing for this.


Because we want reward your effort we are offering a few benefits:


Call for Paper Schedule

Please keep in mind that slots for MayDay Sec #1 2019 are filled by the FIFO rule (First in, First Selected) after the Conference Committee shared their opinion. That can cause some inconveniences for some of you but we are doing our best to not leave anyone outside.

Mayday Sec doesn’t place any restrictions on topic but there are some principles that we want to respect:

1st March – 31st May (First CFP Selection Round)

1st June – 31st July (Second CFP Selection Round, if slots are still available)

1st July – 15th September (Last CFP Selection Round, if slots are still available)

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